Top 5 Most Popular Diets in 2018

Choosing a diet that suits you is not that simple. Some are overly hard, some offer poor food choices while some don’t produce desired results. That’s why we bring you 5 most popular diets in 2018.

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LCHF diet

LCHF is a Swedish diet that propagates reduced carbohydrate intake while emphasizing fat and proteins. For lovers of meat and dairy products, this is definitely an excellent choice, because it involves eating meat, fish, greenery, and natural fats.

However, it forbids sweets, bread, dough, potatoes, etc. The good side of this diet is that you can forget about the calories, as well as a certain timetable, but you must strictly follow the rules and in no case consume prohibited foods.

As we mentioned above, you can’t eat simple sugars, such as juices and sweets, as well as fruit and vegetables rich in carbohydrates, however, you can eat low carb fruit and vegetables like watermelon, strawberries, avocado, cucumber, celery, spinach and other.


Dash diet

The basic foods of this diet are fruits, vegetables, cereals and non-fat dairy products like yogurt. The daily menu includes a rich selection of foods that can pretty much satisfy anyone’s taste.

The desserts are allowed in the form of unsweetened compote, pudding or fresh fruit. During the day you should eat three meals, and if you feel hungry, eat an integral biscuit or dried fruit of your choice.

Experts recommend foods that contain as little salt as possible, making the daily recommended salt intake of only one teaspoon. The core of the diet is control of the food that enters the body which primarily has to be low-fat, protein-rich and nutritional in order to give us desired satiety as well as energy.


UN diet

UN diet based on the selective introduction of certain foods. The scheduled deadline for it is 90 days. It does not imply a constant change of habits, but obedient adherence to the food system in a three-month period.

However, experts emphasize that if you give up before the end of 90 days, you will lose weight, but there will be no change in metabolism, which means that weight will come right back.

The UN diet always starts with a protein day, followed by starch, carbohydrate, fruit day, and again protein. The order of the days must always be the same. Keep in mind that this diet is beneficial, but since it lasts 90 days, it is not an ideal choice for everybody.


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Chrono diet

This diet is based on the rule of combining foods, the glycemic index (GI), or glycemic filling of foods, acid-base equilibrium, timing, hormonal balance, and restriction.

So, this diet does not require you to count the number of calories and the amount of food, but to plan meals at a certain time and to properly combine foods. The nutrition program completely excludes white sugar and artificial sweeteners, white flour, as well as individual combinations in the diet (for example proteins and carbohydrates).

Industrial foods are full of additives and sweeteners, and they are not suitable for this diet. It can seem overly strict to some and that might be its only drawback. You have to be completely dedicated if you want it to succeed.


Dukan diet

The diet is based on consuming high-protein foods while all carbohydrates are rigorously limited – including fruits, starchy vegetables, legumes and integral cereals. Dukan diet consists of 4 phases.

The first phase lasts from one to ten days depending on how much weight you want to lose. During this phase, only protein foods are consumed. In the second stage, vegetables are included in the diet as well.

In the third stage, the diet is based on protein and vegetables, but now some additional foods are allowed. In the fourth phase, you return to consuming everything you want but respecting some of the third phase rules. It is a versatile diet that requires some dedication, but overall it is suitable for everybody.

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