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Maggie Q is an amazing actress known for starring in some of the biggest blockbuster movies like Mission Impossible, Live Free or Die Hard, Insurgent, etc. However, the most capturing roles she’s known for is a protagonist in planetary-popular tv show Nikita, and her part in Designated Survivor, the political TV drama.

She is also known as a model and devoted animal-rights activist, but besides all that, she is also a vegan. In this article, we’re going to discuss Maggie Q diet, as well as the foods she recommends.

When we talk about the vegan diet, most of us unfamiliar with it, think of it as boring, bland and unsatisfactory. However, the vegan diet is quite the opposite, it is colorful, fun, delicious, and versatile, not to mention nutritious. Maggie Q road to veganism is somewhat conventional. 20 years ago in Hong Kong, she got familiarized with animal-welfare in the fashion, entertainment and food industry, and that’s where it all started.

Recognizing her love for animals she couldn’t condone the treatment of animals, and she decided to go cold turkey and turn to veganism. While the action star follows a conventional vegan diet she has few tips for all vegans that help her get the best of it.

Tip 1

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The plant-based diet can be unfulfilling from time to time, and that’s where the first Maggie Q diet tip comes into play. Her way of eating fulfilling vegan meals is to base them on heavy grains. For example one of her favorite meals in a combination of black, red and brown rice in one dish.

She also adds beans or lentils as well as different seeds. While she exploits wider nutritional benefits, a meal like this helps her stay satiated for longer periods.

Tip 2

It can be hard to find a proper healthy snack to push you through the day. However, when it comes to snacks, this martial arts practitioner recommends unprocessed foods like dehydrated nuts or granola.

Tip 3

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No diet plan would be complete without a dessert. Luckily veganism offers quite a few incredibly delicious options that will help you stay on the track and satisfy your need for something sweet. One of her favorite vegan desserts is a lemon cake with cheese frosting. Although hard to find, it is one of her most-liked sweets. Maggie Q diet also implements vegan chocolate, which is as delicious, if not more, than regular chocolate.

However, besides these three tips, she also strongly recommends physical activity. Maggie Q practices yoga, swims, rides a bicycle, and even practices martial arts. Now that is quite a lot. While she has to train excessively for certain roles like Nikita, you can take a more moderate approach.

Keep in mind that healthy living is not possible without a proper diet as well as moderate exercise. That’s why you have to find your way of staying physically active. Whether it’s walking, running, or exercising with your body-weight, proper exercise has to be implemented.

Maggie Q diet, in short, is a cleverly planned veganism with strong implementation of the exercise. If you already stopped eating meat, take some of the advice from Maggie Q to reach your desired quality of life. Life is a balance. It is a balance between healthy eating, exercise, and a career.

While it can be hard to figure out the perfect formula, it can be harder to stick to it. However, if you persist and dedicate yourself to a proper diet, success is guaranteed.

If you want to find out more about her health tips and the products she uses and recommends, check out her collaborative project with Edison De Mello at You can find a different supplements which are clinically studied and tested. Philosophy at ActivatedYou is all about healthy lifestyle which is promoted by none other than Maggie Q.

Since she’s a nature conservationist, all of the product found on the websites are produced from naturally sourced ingredients. The same goes for packaging as well. So, if you want to get a taste of Maggie Q lifestyle, this is a way to go. Most people that try it, like it, and it might be your entrance to healthy living as well.

However, there is one down side to ActivatedYou. Most of the supplements are on the upper side of the cost scale, so if you really want to devote yourself to it, you might need a hefty budget.

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