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5 Cheap Smoothies You Should Try Today

The trend of consuming smoothies for a more quality lifestyle is here for a very long time. Everyone loves them because they are quick and easy to prepare and because they are like vitamin bombs that will keep us healthy. Here are a few recipes if you want to try them, but hate to spend a lot of money on all the ingredients.

1. Banana Oat Smoothie

You will need:

-one large banana
-one cup of milk
-a quarter of a cup of oatmeal
-one tbsp. of maple syrup
-one tbsp. of peanut butter
-a little bit of cinnamon

Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend them until the texture is as runny as you wish it to be. You can make this smoothie completely vegan if you choose some plant-based milk and peanut butter powder. This smoothie is filled with proteins and vitamins, and it costs almost nothing to prepare.

2. Orange Smoothie

You will need:

-half a cup of orange juice
-half a cup of Greek yogurt
-one peeled orange
-half a peeled peach
-one shredded carrot

The recipe is once again, very simple. Blend all the ingredients together, until the texture is to your liking. It would be best to use already frozen fruit so that the water doesn’t affect the thickness of the actual drink. You can add some fresh fruit or some seeds on top of it for crunchiness, but that’s completely optional.

3. Tropical Smoothie

You will need:

-one mango
-some chia seeds
-half a cup of coconut milk

Even though these ingredients are not on a cheaper side, you need very little of each of them to make one great breakfast. Chia seeds will give you all the necessary energy to survive a stressful morning, while mango is a great refreshment on an early morning. Coconut will give your meal some creaminess and there you have it- a perfect smoothie.

4. Kale Smoothie

You will need:

-a quarter of a pineapple
-a handful of kale
-a cup of yogurt

If you enjoy some greenery for breakfast, this is the option for you. Chop pineapple to smaller dices, add fresh leaves of kale, and add a cup of yogurt. If you need some extra energy, make sure to use whole fat yogurt.

5. Chocolate Smoothie

You will need:

-one banana
-one-third of an avocado
-3-4 spoons of cocoa powder
-one tbsp. of unsweetened almond butter
-some cinnamon
-some maple syrup

No one would suggest you eat chocolate for breakfast, but keep in mind that this smoothie is as healthy as it gets. Avocado and almond butter will give you some proteins, while banana will provide you with energy. Mix all the ingredients with a cup of water, and your smoothie is ready. Almond butter, cinnamon, and maple syrup are optional, but they will help you make an incredibly tasty breakfast or a snack. Who says chocolate is not good for you?

5 Cheap Smoothies You Should Try Today

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