3 Healthy Fillings for Wraps and Sandwiches

Healthy Hummus Filling

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Everyone loves to make a sandwich out of leftovers and make it a full-course meal, without paying attention to calories and nutritional value of the actual dish. Sandwiches and wraps can be healthy if you choose the right ingredients for the fillings, so here are some of them.

1. Hummus Sandwich Filling

You will need:
-a half of an avocado
-two tablespoons of hummus
-one tomato

Your options with this recipe are endless. You can use homemade or hummus out of the store. It can be classic, spicy, beet, or white-bean hummus. Besides tomato, you can add fresh bell peppers, onions, or some other greenery, depending on what you like and the time of the day you are eating a sandwich. Put some hummus on the toast or in the wrap, add a few slices of avocado and tomato, add some salt and pepper and your dish is ready. You can always top it off with some grilled chicken or tuna if you need some extra protein.

2. Mexican Mix Filling

You will need:
-a can of sweet corn
-a can of red beans
-a can of chickpeas
-one red onion
-a few mushrooms
-one chili pepper
-a cup of tomato juice
-olive oil

This recipe is great for all types of wraps. To prepare it, chop mushrooms and onion on small dices and cooked them on a tablespoon of olive oil. After that, add corn, chickpeas and beans, mixed them all in, and let them cook for a few more minutes. In the end, add a cup of tomato juice, chili pepper, and some salt. Let the tomato juice cook until it becomes like a thick sauce and then remove it from a stove. This amount of ingredients is enough for four people to eat, which will save you some money as well. Top it all off with some cheese and wrap it all up.

3. Boiled Egg and Ham Filling

You will need:
-one boiled egg
-two tablespoons of mayonnaise
-a few slices of ham
-one tablespoon of mustard
-one tablespoon of sour cream
-some dried parsley
-a few green olives
-salt and pepper

To make this energy bomb filling, mix all the creamy ingredients like mayonnaise, mustard, and sour cream together. Then, add ham and an egg chopped onto smaller dices and add a few halves of green olives. Add more dry or creamy ingredients if needed, in order to get a thick paste. After getting the right texture of the filling, add some salt and pepper and a little bit of parsley. This recipe is very flexible because you can add more creamy ingredients, like hummus, ranch or peanut butter, but you can also add avocado or tuna to complement dry ingredients as well. Serve the filling hot or cold, on two pieces of wheat toast or in a steamy wrap. To tone done the intensity of it, you can eat it with some fresh salad.

3 Healthy Fillings for Wraps and Sandwiches

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