Top 5 Natural Solutions for Gray Hair

Gray hair can be unappealing and difficult to maintain, especially if you’ve decided to avoid chemical products. However, all is not lost, here are 5 natural solutions which will help you get rid of the grays.

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Sage, as we all know, is a very versatile and beneficial plant that, besides cooking, can be used in many other ways. A lot of people know that this incredible plant can eventually bring back your natural hair color.

What you need to do is to soak this plant in the boiled water, mix it in good, and let the water draw as much color as possible from the plant. When the mixture cools down, drain the sage and apply the liquid to the hair.

After the hair soaks for a couple of hours, rinse it with water. If you repeat this procedure regularly, your gray hair should be significantly less visible in a few weeks. For best results apply the prepared liquid right after shampooing.


Potato skin

It has supposedly been gray hair remedy for years, but this method became popular two years ago when it appeared on one popular TV show. It is shown how the water in which the potato skin was cooked darkens your hair and covers the grays.

As with everything, there are always two sides, and while some of the people argued that wet hair always seemed darker than dry, some tried to confirm this method.

Those that tried it experienced great results and they even claimed that hair was shinier and healthier than before. However, this method of staining hair poses one problem and it is an unpleasant smell, which will be especially noticeable if you are used to applying popular perfumed products.



Coffee is an essential part of everyday life for many, but did you know that coffee can make your hair dark and colorful. Simply, make some coffee, apply it to your hair and let it dry.

After the application rinse it with water and shampoo. If you want to go darker, then repeat the procedure several times. It is necessary to emphasize that your gray hair will not be completely dark, so do not expect too much from this method.

The best results are achieved on a brown and light brown hair. As you might’ve guessed, this procedure requires a lot of time, however, certain types of hair react miraculously to it, and if you never tried it, you should definitely give it a go.


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Coconut oil and lemon juice

Here is another method that simply includes two already proven healthy ingredients. To try out this method mix up 3 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice with 50 milliliters of organic coconut oil.

Apply the mixture to the root of the hair and later to the entire length of the hair. Leave it on for an hour or longer and then rinse with water and shampoo. It is very important to repeat this procedure at least twice a week if you want to see significant improvement.

It is desirable to apply a hair conditioner after shampooing to make the hair soft and glossy. Whether your hair is dark or light, this method should make it shiny and naturally cover all the grays.


Carrot and beet juice

If you want to cover your gray hair with reddish tones, use a combination of half a cup of carrot juice and the same amount of beet juice. This mixture is a good alternative to red canoe.

Apply this on wet hair and keep it on for about half an hour, no longer. As before, if you want a more intense color, repeat the procedure several times. When you reach your desired color, it is enough to repeat this procedure once a week.

This method proved to be very successful in covering the gray hairs still in the root. As we mentioned above, there is one drawback to this method, and it is the reddish hue, however, if you’re a woman, you probably won’t mind it.

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