Water Diet

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As we all know by now, water is essential when it comes to the proper function of the human body. If you want to lose weight healthily drink more water. It is that simple according to American nutritionists who were pioneers of water diet. This regime will not only help you lose weight, it will also rejuvenate your body and cleanse you of toxins. Toxin accumulation leads to numerous health issues and premature aging, so water diet can definitely be considered healthy.

Why is hydration so important?

Experts, who studied the relation of weight loss and water, concluded that obesity is often a direct result of chronic lack of water in the body. Their main recommendation is a self-evaluation. Pay attention to your physical as well as the psychological state. If you get tired fast, often have headaches, your blood pressure fluctuates, you might be dehydrated.

Besides all that, the fact is that all biochemical processes in our body are affected by water intake and proper hydration helps stimulate proper functioning of all organs, especially kidneys.
There is also a study which concluded that consuming at least liter of water a day lowers your chances of heart attack and stroke while stimulating cardiovascular system.

Basic principles of water diet

As soon as you wake up you should start hydrating. Body spends water overnight so one glass of water is the first thing you should go for. Keep in mind that water should be room temperature, and do not eat breakfast for 45 minutes.
You should drink a glass of water half hour before every meal. This stimulates better digestion and nutrition absorption. On the other hand, it will lessen your appetite as well.
During the meal, and one hour after, you shouldn’t consume any water.
You should consume less sodium, only up to 3 g a day.
If you feel hungry hour or two after the meal, drink a glass of water. This can be helpful since the human body can mix up signals for thirst and hunger.
Do not drink cold or ice water because it can slow your metabolism down. Water is most beneficial when it’s room temperature.
Try to replace beverages you’re addicted to with water. You don’t have to give up coffee, but take it down to one cup a day, not more. This is recommended because coffee can act as a diuretic, and expel water from the body.
Water has to be good quality. If tap water is not good enough, use a filter, or buy spring water.

What to eat?

Water diet is very flexible when it comes to food. You can pretty much eat usual things but stay away from sweets and junk food. Also, if your main goal is to lose weight you should eat in moderation.

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