Shibboleth Diet Overview, Benefits, and Drawbacks

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The shibboleth diet is one of the latest trends in the dieting world. People swear by it because it naturally improves health and stimulates weight loss. However, if you decide to research it more online, you’ll see that it is shrouded in mystery. That’s mainly because it is a member-only diet.

Although that did not stop us from researching it thoroughly, information regarding this diet is somewhat limited. In this article, we’re bringing you the overview, benefits, drawbacks, and an example of a daily menu.

So what is it?

Well, the shibboleth diet is a diet program based on carefully chosen ingredients that stimulate a healthy body and mind. However, unlike conventional diets, it is more of a behavioral-changing lifestyle that is supposed to be followed indefinitely.

The main philosophy of the diet is healthy eating combined with certain behavioral adjustments which ultimately result in improved physical and psychological health. This means that you can follow this diet even if your main goal is not to lose weight, but rather improve your overall health.


It is effective

There is one cardinal problem with all diets and it’s their effectiveness. While most of them work while we’re on the strict meal plan, as soon as we stop, the weight comes right back. This diet managed to find a solution to this problem. Its simplified implementation of healthy ingredients paired with slight behavior modifications means that you can follow this diet long-term without feeling the strain of conventional food-restricting diets.

It suits everybody

Another main benefit of this diet is that it can be followed by anybody regardless of their previous dieting choices, or occupation. Whether you’re overweight or not, you can implement a shibboleth lifestyle to improve your overall health. It is one of the rare diets which suits stay at home moms as well as athletes.

It does not require any special ingredients

All the foods you need to follow a meal plan can be acquired at your local grocery store. However, you should always choose locally grown foods, and avoid super-market options.

If your main goal is to lose weight, this might be the perfect weight loss program for you mainly because it is not invasive. You can eat whenever you want as long as you follow the basic rules of the diet. If you follow this program step by step, success will be unavoidable in your fight against body fat.

It is similar to the Mediterranean diet

This diet is very similar to the Mediterranean diet when it comes to food. As we all know, this diet is one of the healthiest in the world, and since they both share similar ingredients, you can expect similar benefits as well.

People living on the Mediterranean are among the healthiest in the world with the lowest cancer rates. They are also one of the healthiest when it comes to cardiovascular health thanks to foods like fish, fresh leafy greens, and olive oil.



One of the main drawbacks of this diet plan is its strictness. If your discipline is not on the top level when it comes to following the rules, you might want to look somewhere else. Strict rules are what this diet is based on.

Implementation of supplements

Even though it is not mandatory, for improved results certain supplements are recommended, and that can’t be a good thing in any diet.


It has one more drawback and it’s the annual membership fee. While the regular price is $299, there are certain promotions in which the annual membership fee costs as low as $99.

Example of a shibboleth diet menu:

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While there are numerous recipes available to you as the member, today we’re only bringing you a day worth of shibboleth approved meals in several examples.


  • Plain yogurt, or a french toast.
  • Spinach infused scrambled eggs.
  • 1 cup of shibboleth approved cereal with 1 cup of Special K berries and 1/2 cup of fat-free high protein milk.
  • Shibboleth approved egg whites.

Each of these items is meant to serve as a separate breakfast meal.


  • Pizza or chili made from shibboleth approved ingredients.
  • Tuna salad sandwich or a chicken sandwich made with shibboleth approved bread.

Bread is in the focus here, as their approved bread is nothing like white bread, and it helps in regulating fat storage.


  • Pepper infused tuna salad with shibboleth approved seasoning.
  • The chicken sandwich made from approved ingredients.
  • Hamburger made from 96 percent lean meat and approved bread

Snacks are forbidden when trying to lose weight.

Besides this daily meal plan, you are supposed to implement supplements like Zero Drag Vitamins Plus if you want to improve your weight loss results.


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The shibboleth diet does not recommend a strict exercise regime in the beginning. You are supposed to start with plain walking. While this diet puts your body in a fat-burning state, even walking can help you burn a significant amount of fat. As time passes you are supposed to implement moderate exercise into your lifestyle.

The goal here is to adopt exercise as part of your healthy lifestyle. That’s why light exercise might be an adequate solution since it is hard to stay motivated when a moderate workout is in question.

Does shibboleth diet work?

According to numerous testimonies from different people that tried and still are on this diet, it does work. Besides the fact that it helped certain individuals lose a significant amount of weight, it also helped people get their bodies in top shape. Although weight loss is extremely important when it comes to all diets, there are other benefits this diet provides.

Some of the satisfied followers reported a reduction in blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, as well as a reduction in the occurrence of other health issue symptoms.

Should you go for it?

As with any other diet, you are the only one who has the answer to this question. If the annual membership fee is not too high for your budget, we certainly recommend it. It is not an invasive diet that will keep you hungry at all times, but rather a smart lifestyle change which is easy to adapt to. While any kind of change might be hard to implement, you should challenge yourself for 30 days.

If in those 30 days, you feel like that is the diet for you, you should develop it into a newly-found lifestyle that will help you achieve a healthy body and mind.

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