5 Ways to Eat Cheap and Healthy while Traveling Abroad

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Visiting other countries for business or traveling for your own pleasure always includes eating like there is no tomorrow. By that, I mean eating as unhealthy as it is possible and as much as you can. That leads to unhappiness when you come home, affecting your wallet, your health, and your appearance as well. Here are a few tips for those who need guidance while being away from home.

Buy at the local stores

Many people seem to realize that traveling includes eating at restaurants all the time. Even though there is nothing bad in doing that from time to time, there is a misconception that buying and preparing food, like you normally do while at home, is something shameful. By buying at local stores you will save enormous amounts of money and choose ingredients that are healthy. Not only that, but you will get a lot more food than you would by eating in a restaurant. You can always find places with organic and fresh food, which will benefit you in the long run.

Meal planning

You don’t have to plan each meal, but knowing what you will eat for lunch will save you a lot of trouble. If you are staying at a hotel, chances are that you already have breakfast. Preparing your lunch in advance will make you feel safe because hunger will not catch you unprepared and you will not be tempted to go to the nearest fast-food stand. You can always pack some type of salad or pasta into your backpack for lunch, or you can take fresh fruit and nuts or yogurt as a snack.

Support small businesses

If you know that restaurants and fast-food stands are the only options for you, at least research the place you are visiting. There are hundreds of more private and smaller restaurants or diners that will be a lot cheaper than those high-end ones. Those diners will feel more welcoming and they are going to demonstrate the culture of the place you are visiting, which is always a plus.

Drink as a meal

Even though this may sound strange, drinks that have a nutritional value of a whole meal are a great option when traveling. There are many different smoothies that you can make at the place you are staying or just buy some while sight-seeing. You will not have to worry about carrying extra food because you can always take them in the hand and consume on the way. Smoothies and frappes are a great source of fiber and vitamins because they are made out of fruit, vegetables, and nuts.

Sharing with friends

Instead of staying away from restaurants you can just bring a friend with you. But, instead of ordering a meal each, a better option would be to split the meal and the bill in the end. Many meals are too large for one person, so don’t let that food go to waste.

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