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Top 5 Foods That Curb Appetite

There are many different reasons for gaining weight like slow metabolism or emotional eating, however, it is easy to get on the right track with these 5 foods that will curb your appetite.

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Leafy vegetables

There are several ways you can lose weight, but the best way to do just that is to eat small portions of fulfilling and nutritional foods that will keep you satiated for longer. Leafy vegetables are perfect for the job.

If you eat vegetables like kale and spinach you’ll definitely forget about your dinner. They are also rich in thylakoids, compounds that release hunger-reducing hormones.

To take the full advantage of these compounds it’s best to eat both of these foods lightly, or steam cooked, so they retain as much of their nutritional value as possible. The best thing about leafy vegetables is that you can eat pretty much as much as you want because they are very low in calories.



When we say chili we, in fact, mean pretty much all food that contains chili peppers like certain kinds of ketchup or hot sauces. However, this doesn’t include high-calorie dishes because they might have the opposite effect.

Chili in your body works in a few different ways. Sometimes, especially if we eat too fast, we will eat more than we need because your brain doesn’t have enough time to signal that you are full.

But if we eat chili, it can faster stimulate the nerve in your body that will inform your brain when it is time to stop eating. Chili also helps your body to burn calories and lose fat. So next time you prepare a meal spicy it up a bit.



Apples are a fruit that don’t get the credit they deserve. Pectin from apples helps regulate blood sugar and that is one of the main reasons they are good when it comes to curbing appetite.

When blood sugar isn’t under control we feel hungry, so eating an apple will reduce that feeling. Some people go a step further and eat half or whole apple before a meal to prevent overeating.

We have to emphasize that this is not only the way to trick your body and brain; apples are very healthy and rich in fiber, so you are doing your body a favor. There are many recipes for sauces with apples and you should try to incorporate them into your meals.


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Dark chocolate

There isn’t anything better than having a food that tastes good and also helps you stay fit and healthy. Dark chocolate, when consumed moderately, can be of great benefit.

It can improve your cardiovascular health, regulate blood pressure, protect your cells from free radicals, and even prevent certain types of cancer. If you are craving food, especially if you are craving sweets, take a few pieces of dark chocolate and your cravings will instantly go away.

Cocoa from chocolate will slow your digestion so you will stay full for the longer period of time. If you are one of those people who need to end a meal with something sweet, there is your perfect dessert, just look for dark chocolate with the highest percentage of cocoa possible.



Have you ever wonder why soups are such a popular appetizer? One of the main reasons is that a good soup can actually prevent you from overeating. If we consider the fact that soups are usually very healthy, it makes them a perfect food to curb your appetite.

From vegetable soups to chicken soups there are many recipes, and you can even eat it as a main meal. If you make it yourself then you can add many different ingredients like your favorite vegetables and even lean meat.

However, you still have to be careful, certain soups at restaurants can be very high in calories. If you decide to give it a go yourself, keep it low-fat and pick only the best ingredients.

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