The Zone Diet

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If anyone ever asked you if you are in the zone, you definitely would not think of food, right? Well, scientists say you should. Being in the zone, in this case, means that three parameters in our body, which are controlling our hormones, are in balance. Those parameters are level of insulin in the liver, level of diet inflammation in the body and level of AGE in the blood. The Zone Diet is the type of diet that regulates those parameters through nutrition.

This diet suggests that our nutrition should be based on two-thirds of low-carb food, one-third of proteins and an addition of healthy fats, which can be found in olives, fish or avocado oil. The low-carb food includes lots of vegetables, diverse in color, and fruits that are low in sugar. If they have a lot of starch, like potatoes, bananas or apples, they are not welcomed. Eating that type of food should keep our body in the zone, meaning that it is going to be in balance in general, which, of course, has many benefits.

Scientists say that being in the zone means living a longer and healthier life, aging slower and feeling better, both physically and mentally. Having said that, they are also pointing out that sadly, only one percent of people have their body in the zone, which means that the rest of the population has problems with weight, heart disease, and high cholesterol.


Naturally, every type of diet has its downsides. Following The Zone Diet is not very easy, because every portion and every product needs to be weighted. Proteins should be the size of the palm, while carbs should be the size of the fist. Also, the creator of the diet, Dr. Barry Sears, says that its followers need to consume five meals a day, but many could be confused on which snacks they can and can’t eat. Even though he claims this type of diet is not a fad, there is no scientific evidence that shows the greater influence of this diet on people’s health compared to any other low-carb dietary, already tried.


The Zone Diet supporters point out that being on this diet means performing better in every aspect of our lives, including physical strength, etc. They advocate it because they view it as a lifestyle and not just another quick and easy diet. The most important part of The Zone Diet is regulation of diet-induced inflammation in our body.

This type of inflammation is not visible with our eyes, but it is manifested through bloating. Having inflammation means not being in the zone, which causes hormonal disbalance and consequently a poor-quality of life. For anyone wondering if The Zone Diet works, its followers recommend giving it a try. Consulting with your doctor or dietitian before doing so is highly advisable.

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