Positive Thinking – Can it be Learned?

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It can be hard to lose those excess pounds, especially if you are like most people who get discouraged by their own way of thinking and self-questioning if the weight is going to come back. If you always look at the glass as half empty, and if you think that it’s a part of your character that can’t be changed, you’re wrong.

Optimism is something that can be learned, and effort you put in the process of learning will definitely be worth it. According to scientists, brain in positive people produces more serotonin which in return gives you vitality, health, as well as mental strength.

Pessimism, or for that matter optimism, is not something we’re born with. It is something that’s given to us by our family atmosphere growing up, as well as past experiences. However, they can be a reflection of current psychological state. Also, there isn’t one person who’s optimist or pessimist in every situation, but a positive attitude is something we should strive for.

Benefits of positive thinking

Positive people expect the best from every situation, and as we mentioned that kind of attitude results in more serotonin which has numerous benefits and balances us physically and mentally. When we expect a positive outcome, we put in extra effort, and being in the right place mentally will definitely help you accomplish your goal.

Positive people are also favorable by everybody, the only drawback is that they might not always assess the situation properly which can end up in disappointment. On the other hand, most of those people are also good in one other thing, accepting failure.

Negative Thinking

Pessimists don’t always see a positive outcome, but instead discouraging failure. They often explain this kind of attitude by saying that they are protecting themselves from disappointment. A small dose of pessimism cant’ be bad since it helps us anticipate the possible bad outcome, but if you turn it into the way of thinking it can be bad for you in every way. Also, people don’t like them in their company since they are always in bad mood. Here is what experts suggest…

Practice optimism

Never forget the fact that life is too short and that it’s irrational to waste time on fear, bad thoughts and thinking about the failures that will never happen. Your goal should be moderate rational optimism that will benefit you in every way.

Practice meditation, clear your brain and prevent bad thoughts in the making. For every bad thought think about five positive things. Accept the failures as good since they are the ones that teach us more than positive things. Do something you love. If it’s yoga, gardening, or maybe tennis, find the way and time to do it. Be social, do things you’ve always wanted to do and accept failure as unavoidable part of life.

If you learn how to block bad thoughts it is going to turn into the way of thinking, and you are going to benefit greatly. So since pessimism isn’t something you’re born with, try to change it by positive thoughts, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Optimists live longer

Numerous studies have shown that positive attitude toward life can help you preserve your health, recover faster and ultimately live longer. One study concluded that young optimistic women have a lower chance of developing heart disease compared to their counter pessimists.

The main reason for this is once again increased production of serotonin which lowers production of the stress hormone and thus chance of developing heart disease. Besides that, optimists have a lower chance of developing diabetes as well as hypertension, and they have proven to have lower cholesterol as well.

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