Flexitarian Diet

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Lifestyle in the 21 century means living fast and working hard, but you still must have time to take care of your health. When it comes to nutrition, popular trends that are present in the world like veganism and vegetarianism are an option, but the commitment, not to consume meat daily, is not for everyone. Dawn Jackson Blanter has a solution for that.

She takes the credit for the term Flexitarian Diet that was introduced to the world a decade ago. Flexitarian Diet is the type of nutrition that helps people improve their health by consuming food based on plants, but also enables them to treat themselves with a steak from time to time. The name of this diet speaks for itself. This type of diet is not as strict as vegetarianism, because people can be flexible with ingredients and food they are going to consume, but at the same time, it has many benefits regarding health.

Studies have shown that flexitarians live longer, up to three and a half years, and they are not as prone to heart diseases, diabetes and obesity as carnivores are. This type of diet is not only good for our bodies but for our mind as well. Not being forced to strictly track what someone can or can’t eat is putting less weight psychologically, and it helps people keep up with that type of lifestyle for a very long time.

Also, being allowed to eat meat when craving it, without any consequences, won’t make people feel like they cheated, which will consequently make them happier with their nutrition choices. Flexitarian Diet is the combination of the best things from vegetarianism and meat-based nutrition. By cutting on the meat, people are consuming less fat and processed food, but they are getting all the necessary vitamins and proteins both from plants and animal products.


The downside of this type of nutrition is that some people just can’t live without meat. They will not be satisfied with replacement food and because of that, they will eat too much carbs and junk food. Health could also be a problem, but only in people who are deprived of vitamins and minerals. Also, some vegetarians and vegans feel like flexitarians are not the ‘real deal’, but present themselves the same way, while taking away the spotlight from burning issues regarding animals.


Knowing all the pros and cons, Flexitarian diet is something that should be taken into consideration. Not everyone is going to like it, but some people will feel like it changed their life. There is nothing to lose by trying and there is a lot to gain if it proves to be a better option for someone. To conclude, any step taken toward healthier and better life is more than welcomed.

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